Sunday, January 23, 2011

Daybook #3-It isn't blush. My face is just cold.

On this beautiful Sunday, the Murtle and the Shabam literally forced their bodies out of bed so that they could travel to the church meeting house.  In the past they had gone to church at Union square but today they would travel just a bit farther and go to the Lincoln Square ward.  They found the company to be incredibly pleasing and look forward to attending there again the following week.  

A typical Sunday includes a nice nap and the girls gave into this expectation.  They rejuvenated themselves and then faced the bitter cold once more so that they could go watch a documentary made by Spike Jonze. The film was about a incredible man and illustrator name Maurice (where the wild things are).  Afterward the girls rushed Mr. Jonze and told him the loved the movie and got his autograph.  The rest of the night was spent listening to lovely music by JA'E and walking home in the coldest weather they had ever experienced. 

Sorry the video is so short.
Sometimes in life the weather is too cold to function.

#3 from Madi & Shannon on Vimeo.

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