Saturday, January 22, 2011

Daybook #2- Kitties, the Met, and lots and lots of drunk people.

**Disclaimer: read post before watching video so you don't think we turned into some crazy party animals right after we move to new york**

Has it already been a week since we moved to this crazy city? We have learned more about life and ourselves in one week then we ever thought possible. So many opportunity's have presented themselves to us and we are feeling giddy at how great our adventure here will be. Our day yesterday was filled with kitty bliss (oh how we love our kitty) and adventures at the Met but the best part in my opinion was roughly the last 8 seconds of the video.

Danna Lee (Shannon's sister) and I decided to go in and visit shanny on her second day of work as a hostess. Let me lay out what the night was like. We got sat at one of the nicest tables in the restaurant, got all of our food and drinks for free, and ended up staying for over 4 and a half hours. This place is a party like none other. One minute people are having a nice elegant dinner with caviar that costs 215 dollars and within a few minutes they bring in a DJ to start the party. Whenever someone buys an expensive bottle of wine or champagne the servers light up sparkler flares and run to the table (see end of the video for a visual). Everyone dances on their chairs and around the tables which of course which of course i joined in on the dancing and this goes on literally for hours. After talking with the owner about the restaurant he said a normal bill at the end of the night is around 5,000 dollars. Crazy right?? Needless to say are not in Utah anymore.

Shannon did great on her second day and was such a great hostess, I especially loved watching her interact with all of the drunk people wanting their coats when they couldn't even stand up on their own.

Now that you've read the disclaimer you can watch the video with a peace of mind that were still good little Utah girls.

Untitled from Madi & Shannon on Vimeo.


  1. what the best lives ever? miss you girlies!

  2. your dancing is unreal.

    unreal, i tell you.